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“Supposed to hug it out here, aren't I? ...”

525,600 Minutes of Absolute Bullshit and Bastardry (also refered to by its much shorter title of 525,600 mins) is an active Fear blog written by pullingoffmasks/smartwittyurl. It can be found here. It's not that long and has just come off of an extended hiatus.


James Andrews is not having a very good year.

It's a little more complicated than that, but he's recently been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, has undergrad and Master's degree debt to pay off, and has a dissertation that needs his desperate attention.


  • James Andrews - Is as his side note on the blog mentions is that he is: "dmab/25/gayer than a bunch of monkeys up a banana tree/Tucsonian/postgrad in gender studies." Foul mouthed and not at all happy that he's being made to go to talk therapy by his housemates. Cousin to Ava Short.
  • Dylan- James' housemate, lesbian, dating Riza. Seems to scare James for some reason. There is some mention that Ava knows this, and there's the probability that the two have met in the past.
  • Riza- James' housemate, dating Dylan.
  • Ava Short- James Andrews' cousin. Has recently got a new job and lives in the UK. Is prone to calling James at hours that he considers 'disgusting.'

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525, 600 Minutes of Absolute Bullshit and Bastardry runs roughly along the same timeline as Tea Time with the Traitor, with Ava Short (The Mordred) being James cousin.