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A Realm of Emptiness is a collaborative blog written by Ceaseless Wanderer, alliterator, Lizard Bite, Romrapaara, and Digimaniac. The plot of the beginning is about A's plan to kill The Slender Man through The Empty City and its eventual ramifications. A's point of view of the story is told in the companion blog A Life of Laughter.


There are six main characters, five narrators and A. The narrators are:

  • Paragon (real name unknown): A twenty-something woman from the modern era.
  • Hider (Samantha Norton): A pulp Sci Fi writer from 1950's America.
  • Sinopa (real name unknown): An American woman with a dark and troubled past.
  • Cipher (Bruce Wright): A young man from 1971 America, who thinks aliens are behind everything.
  • Shard (Benjamin Johnson): A Southern gentleman from 1920's America.
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