The title, as seen on the blog

Administry for a Cause is a blog by DJay32 about a runner's search for redemption. It's a part of the greater Topography Genera story, and it is accompanied by Testing in Progress. It has since ended and can be found here.

Plot synopsis

Movement I- Runner

The blog begins with protagonist Wendy, a woman running from a race of highly-intelligent creatures she assumes to be proxies. A stranger sacrificed his life to save her from an ambush, prompting her to start a blog and start desiring redemption, to stop running and start fighting, or to save someone else's life. She spends a few weeks elaborating on the life and art of being on the run from a Fear.

Movement II- Redeemer

Months later, Wendy explains that she was knocked unconscious and taken to the Topography Genera Center North, where she became a test subject of a series of strange tests run by The Camper. She explains that The Camper have grown in intelligence greatly, considering during the first movement they were the laughingstock of adversaries to a runner. Wendy is able to break out of the testing, where she sees Stewart, the protagonist of Testing in Progress, trapped in a cell. Unable to help, she moves on through the facility.

She reaches Test 32, where she finds Stewart has escaped. The two meet up and solve the test, only to be apprehended by The Camper. Stewart is taken away, and Wendy escapes into a vent. She finds a journal of a former test subject that tells her the testing is to make them better Camper when they are eventually turned into one. She also finds out it's possible to prevent the Camper transformation process by amputating the infected limb. With this new knowledge, Wendy gets herself apprehended and taken to the same room as Stewart, where she helps him save himself from the Camper. A Door appears for Stewart to leave through, and the Camper come back in to finish what they started. The blog ends as Wendy fights off the Camper for him, dying in the process.

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