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Arcane Artifacts is a general term for important occult items featured in The Architect Verse. These items come in many different forms and are often combinations of RX Energy (aka magic) and advanced technology created by The Voyagers. The artifacts are also spoken of in the The Tome of Andonsar.     

Known Artifacts

Name Region Description Image
The Infinity Revolver The North Woods Project The Infinity Revolver is Capper's most commonly used weapon in The North Woods Project, it has endless ammunition and the bullets simply teleport into the target in front of it.  The Infinity Revolver.png
The Voyager's Orb The North Woods Project The Voyager's Orb is a marble-looking object seen in The North Woods Project, in which Capper uses it to teleport to Sidney's (or The Girl's) location. The Voyager's Orb.png
The Lexicon of Oblivion Phantom Voices The Lexicon of Oblivion is the journal of WWII veteran and founder of the cult Oblivion's Creed, Efren Reyes; who began the journal after encountering The Slender Man as a soldier. It can see into other universes, and was used in Creed's attack on Sacremento, California, in which the entire city was turned inside out in a large scale Dimensional Bleeding event, causing Effrayant and X'itium to cross paths.
The Lexicon of Oblivion.png
The Searing Blade Phantom Voices The Searing Blade is a pocket knife owned by the main character of Phantom Voices, Nate Reyes. Any victim of the blade will slowly burn from the inside out. It was notably used to cut Nate Reyes' cheek and kill Ronald Feeley. The Searing Blade.png
The Soothsayer's Optic TBA The Soothsayer's Optic is a GoPro that can record at the will of it's owner, without pressing any buttons. It can also see into other universes and can see through illusions (e.g a cloaked pawn).
The Soothsayer's Optic.png
Rózsa Gyilkos Carnival Of Freaks The origins of this artifact are currently unknown to most people, but it is supposedly a gun made to kill SD (The Smiling Man). Rose Brides have it kept away so that doesn't happen. It can also put a stop to any power for a few minutes if its shot at another person, though it can act as a normal gun. The current owner of the gun is Su from Carnival of Freaks but it disappears whenever she yearns to find it and she has no clue about the gun's true nature. At first glance, the Rózsa Gyilkos appears to be a normal 1911 hand gun from the World War 1 era.
Rózsa Gyilkos.png
Stilfer's Gage TBA

Of unknown origin, this glove is fingerless, covering the palm. It appears to be made of a brown, leathery material (though the true material is unknown). When worn it has the ability to hold back the powers (e.g magic or the power of a mark) of the wearer, though it's theorized the fingers were cut off to allow the flow of a certain amount of the users power, currently the wearer of this artifact is Chrono, an ex-proxy of The Slender Man appearing in The Pandemonium Three

Stilfer's Gage.png
Andonsar's Whetstone  The North Woods Project This artifact appears as a normal whetstone, but when used, the weapon gains supernatural abilities, such as cutting through strong objects. However, the subject of this artifact will lose the ability after several consecutive uses. The artifact was last seen in the hands of Capper.
Hushed Bolts TBA Two artifacts that can only be used by one bearing a specific mark. These two arrowheads are black and white; the black having to do with turning power off, the white powering on. The Hushed Bolts require that the bearer have a sane mind, as it is the case that when the user becomes more powerful with them, their sanity also begins to degrade.