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Drawn incompetently by Magreat

Jesus Archangard and Christoph Magreat (sometimes written as "MagrEAT") are two abstract characters created and portrayed by Lindsay Taylor and Jordan Dooling. They are creators whose works are deliberately obtuse and subversive, who view The Fear Mythos as a playground for true artistic expression but spend most of their time mocking their readers to the point where their mockery practically becomes compliment. They have a centralized blog where their blogs and analyses can be found: nottobereblogged, linked here.


The Blog Without a Face, attributed to Magreat, described as fanfiction for Fearblog of Fear. Consists mainly of the slender man as a detective making absurd rambling posts with the basest hint of a plot revolving around the murder of Mr. Grott, Esq and the slender man's eternal cat-and-mouse game with his Arch nemesis.

The Fear series, comprised of thirteen installments spread across four series. Attributed to both Archangard and Magreat, these attempt to emulate visual art through the blog medium, specifically giving commentary on the nature of Fears as concepts as well as on the nature of the blog and vlog mediums. The contents of each blog were compiled into a single blog following the conclusion of the series, which can be found here.

I am Not Who I Am, attributed to Archangard, described as an experiment in narrative. Consists of a nameless protagonist who keeps a personal blog over winter break as several Fears make their presence known, an experience juxtaposed by constant examples of surrealist art.

Slender Ran, attributed to Archangard, described as an experiment with conventions. Consists of The Slender Man on the run from the Fears.

PLAN 31: RISE OF MCFEAR, sequel to DJay's original crossover blog, came back from its two-year hiatus now under authorship of Magreat's daughter Sally. Consists of a series of murder mysteries as many canons collide.

Nobody anymore, never again, attributed to Magreat.

Night of the Living Fearblogs, attributed to Archangard.

Viceking's Graab

After the completion of The Blog Without a Face, Magreat announced a blog titled Viceking's Graab, and released previews for it such as the blog post "Unlockable Blogs" and the first couple of posts in this thread. The blog itself was released only after its completetion in July 2015.

The Feart Critic

nottobereblogged also hosts the weekly feature where the two characters give critical exegeses of blogs, trying their best to support their interpretations with textual evidence.