At the End of the World is a blog by Bryn set in Atkins, Michigan. It follows a young woman named Shan, her girlfriend Fiona, and a Runner they befriend called Soren. The main antagonist is a Dying Man shard called the Unforgivable, with the Cold Boy and the Panopticon as side antagonists. It can be read here.


Shan is a young woman who works at the library. One night, she sees a young boy dressed in a yellow raincoat and rain boots at the library, though she doesn't see his parents. When she looks around to see where they are, the boy has disappeared.

When she goes to sleep that night, Shan has a dream that on her way to the library, someone who looks just like her stops her and tells her, in her own voice, not to write about her encounters in the future, because she feeds on fear.

About a month later, Shan's girlfriend Fiona develops potential esophageal ulcers. Shan is worried for her health, but feels unable to talk to others about it.

Shan starts to hear voices- specifically, a voice that sounds exactly like her, talking in her head and identifying herself variously as death, the Reaper, Belial, the Dying Woman, and, finally, as the Unforgivable.

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