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Azrael as drawn by DarkShadows

Fear of...

Eternal Judgement, God's Wrath





First Appearance

Between the Party Lines

Azrael the Avenging Angel is a portrayal of The Fear of Dying from the blog Between the Party Lines. It is an angelic being of immense power that carries out the "Wrath of God" by punishing sinners for disobeying the laws of their religion. It mainly targets people of faith with intense guilt, either because they believe the're not pious enough or have fallen from grace. Humans that are non-religious or agnostic are ignored by it, as they do not share the same cultural conception of sin. Once Azrael is done tormenting a victim, it will trap them in a hell-like dimension that appears as a horrible burning forest for eternity.

It appears as a tall, thin angel dressed in long black robes with enormous grey wings and a pale, porcelain-masked face. His mask looks vaguely human and has a symbol on the forehead that changes based on the person's faith. A Christian would likely see the Cross for example, while a Buddhist might see the Eightfold Wheel. The only thing underneath its mask is a blank face that casts an eerie light. Secular people either do not see Azrael due to their lack of faith or see it as a bright light in the shape of a humanoid figure that temporarily blinds them.

It does not keep servants, but will sometimes work in tandem with other Fears to target someone. Its most common ally is The Watchdog, another creature that preys on the guilt ridden.


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