Our mythos has lots of blogs. It can be hard to know where to start. In an effort to help this, various members have pitched in with advice and recommendations!

LizardBite's Guide (2012)


Looking to get started on The Fear Mythos, but not sure where to begin? Not a problem. This guide is meant to help newcomers be introduced to the Mythos, and ease their way in.

First off, it should be noted that the guide assumes the reader already has some prior knowledge of the Slender Man mythos, from which the Fear Mythos is an off-shoot of.

The Fear Mythos began as a project on the forum of A number of different members, fans of the Slender Man Mythos, felt that the current mythos had grown stale. To help this, they decided to introduce new monsters to the mythos, and began creating the Fears. The Archangel, The Dying Man, and The Cold Boy were the first Fears to be created and introduced, and many of the other Fears were soon to follow.

Within the first year, the Fear Mythos had already grown into a number of different stories by a number of different writers, and had gained a bit of recognition within the mainstream Slender Man Mythos community.

Starting Blogs

Below are a list of different blogs that may be useful for newcomers and can serve as a starting point.

The Informational Blogs

These blogs are meant to give a general overview of different elements of the mythos

The Big Three

These three blogs were among the earliest in the mythos and were specifically written to serve as introductions to the concept. They have also had a great deal of influence over subsequent blogs.

Other Beginner Blogs

These are blogs that introduced many other elements to the mythos and serve as good starting points for beginners.

Intermediate Blogs

These are blogs that require some extra background knowledge and/or are more complex than other Fearblogs, and yet are still recommended for newcomers.

AC11's Guides (2014)

Blog Recommendations

Writer's Guide

AC11 also wrote a comprehensive guide giving advice for writers, which can be found here.

Assorted Recommendations

People were asked to give reading material suggestions for newcomers, and this is what they said!




I'd like to suggest Squeek's Pulling Off Masks ( That's pretty much the one that made me, as a writer, think "hey, this Fear Mythos thing has a lot of potential."


Recommended blogs for newcomers (in no order):


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