Bemuseum is a blog by Bryn featuring the Rake and the Slender Man, with brief references to the other Fears as well. It was written in 2020, but backdated to 2006-2011. It can be read here.


Bemuseum starts in 2006, with the author mentioning that she had a dream the night before that something was whispering to her.

Years later, in 2009, the author's friend Tom mentions starting a blog, leading the author to return to Bemuseum. She explains that her name is Sam and she is a transgender college student living in Virginia, an amateur writer who loves horror media. She also states that she still doesn't understand why she's been hearing whispers in her dreams, but that one of the few words she's been able to understand in her dreams was "write."

Shortly after, Sam sees a suited man standing outside her window, staring up at her. His face looks wrong, but she can't put her finger on why. He stares at her for several seconds, but when she finally looks away and looks back down, he's gone.

A few days afterwards, Sam sees the suited stranger again, this time with a face that seems different somehow, but still just as off-putting. Shortly after that, she buys a camera to take a picture of the stranger and show someone else what's going on, but when she does, something goes wrong with the photo, causing it to look like he doesn't have a face.

Over a month later, Sam returns to the blog, explaining that she hasn't been updating because she's been too busy trying to get the stalker caught, albeit to no avail. She also mentions that each time he shows himself, something seems different about his face.

Sam mentions that some of the time, when she dreams about being whispered to, she sees a dark shape at the foot of her bed, one she has no interest in seeing in more detail. Shortly after, she dreams about the stalker and the dark shape approaching her, showing themselves to be monstrous and terrifying, and tearing her apart. As a result, she decides to move out of her dorm and back to her parents' house with the explanation that she simply misses them. The stranger, however, continues to stalk her even when she moves.

Sam confesses that she knows what happened with the camera, and that she knows it didn't just mess up the picture, but that the stalker never had a face to begin with. She also states that she has been losing sleep, owing to the stranger staring into her window and the dark shape by her bed, which she often hears dragging something metallic across the floor.

Sam debates with herself whether to keep trying to live normally or to give up.

Two years later, in 2011, Sam hears one of the first whispers she's been able to make out in some time: "sleep no more."

Sam, having returned to her blog, explains that she has been living alone since she last updated, not wanting to endanger her parents with her presence. She says that it's taken a toll on her mentally, but that, now that the whisperer has returned, she feels it's for the best that she's alone.

The next dream Sam describes is seeing a number of things as a result of the shape's whispers: a doctor who spreads disease, a tower of metal and flesh, a flock of birds that create thunder and lightning, an angel that impersonates the dead, a collective of demons that possess and rot human bodies, a puppet who pulls others' strings, and a child who haunts the lonely; Sam says that she believes the stalker and the whisperer are part of the same group of beings, and that there are even more of them.

In her final post, Sam says that the shape and the stranger are growing restless, and that she's purchased a knife and a gun in a last-ditch effort to rid herself of them, though she doubts either will work. Implying that she's given her parents and her friend Tom the link to Bemuseum, she says that she's sorry this is how she dies and how they found out who she really is. Finally, she says she loves Tom and her parents and says goodbye to them.


  • Bemuseum was written in 2020, but backdated to 2006-2011. This is because the dates of this story are significant. The first post to deal with the Rake was backdated to the day after "The Rake" was published in real life, the first to deal with the Slender Man the day after the first Slender Man images were posted to Something Awful, and the first to deal with the Fears as a whole the day after the Fear Mythos was established Valentine's Day 2011.
  • Bemuseum is named after an entirely different, preemptively-cancelled blog Bryn once came up with, which would have been an action/horror blog following a young man named Henry Poe (later to become Henry Hallack) as he and a Runner named Holly flee from the Architect.
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