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1FenFen1 1FenFen1 28 days ago

why are all the good series either deleted or not apart of the Fear Mythos anymore

c'mon man :(

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CryptidBryn CryptidBryn 9 March 2021

Updated tabs template

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CryptidBryn CryptidBryn 9 February 2021

Obscure and unused Fears

So! I felt like making a list of Fears that either a) have never been used, b) have only been used by one person (typically the Fear's creator), or c) have only been used in one project. This is because I personally really like noticing underused Fears and writing about them myself, and it might be nice for other people to have a quick list to reference if they want to do the same.

(Also note that this list is only "vanilla" Fears, by which I mean Fears which aren't intended by the creator as a version of another Fear or as a combination of multiple existing Fears.)

  • The Glass Cat (unused)
  • The Growth (unused)
  • (unused)
  • (unused)
  • The Locked Box (unused)
  • The Masked God (planned for an upcoming podcast by Kiro Cloudwatcher)
  • The Masquerader (A Pawn of Fe…
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CryptidBryn CryptidBryn 28 September 2020

Beginner Recommendations

Here's my recommended reading for newbies to the Fear Mythos, continuing in History Lesson's vein of stuff that maybe could or could not have fit on my Introduction to the Mythos.

Note that everything included in this list is either a complete story or an anthology/informative blog without an overarching plot; after all, these are beginner recommendations, and I don't want to recommend an unfinished story.

  • 1 Anthology blogs
    • 1.1 Links
  • 2 Informational blogs
    • 2.1 Links
  • 3 Narrative blogs
    • 3.1 Links

These blogs may have an overarching storyline, but by and large, they're about collecting various accounts about the beings of the Fear Mythos.

  • Faces, Strange and Secret, by a variety of authors. Faces is pure anthology- no overarching narrative or framing device, j…

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CryptidBryn CryptidBryn 25 September 2020

History Lesson

The following are some tidbits of Fear Mythos history which might be interesting to people who want to know how the Mythos got here. This was going to be part of my Introduction to the Mythos, but it didn't really fit with the newbie-oriented nature of that post, so here it is instead.

Most of these are outdated because they deal with a more hard-and-fast approach to the Fears or just don't include the full breadth of the Mythos as it exists today, but at least one of these sites (namely the old forum) just happens to be outmoded by a newer successor.

  • The Fear Mythos forum (the old one)
  • The Fear Mythos TV Tropes Forum thread (warning for transphobia in a Wooden Girl story concept that I don't think ever got written; transphobia is very much n…

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CryptidBryn CryptidBryn 25 September 2020

Introduction to the Mythos

I was recently tasked with writing a guide to the Fear Mythos for anyone who came across it and wanted to learn more. Since we have a bit of a tangled web of links to various sites and pages, some of which are outdated, this list is going to include summaries of the basic elements of the Fear Mythos and links to up-to-date and newbie-friendly material.

  • 1 Part 1: What is the Fear Mythos?
    • 1.1 Relevant links
  • 2 Part 2: So what stories are in the Fear Mythos?
    • 2.1 Relevant links
  • 3 Part 3: What if I want to make something for the Fear Mythos?
    • 3.1 Relevant links
  • 4 Part 4: So who are these people?
    • 4.1 Relevant links

Basically, the Fear Mythos is an open-source set of concepts that started life as a spinoff of the Slender Man Mythos back in February 2011. Since then…

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Drburger Drburger 20 March 2019

What is this wiki all about?

Is this wiki about the fear mythos or about random people's fear? Drburger (talk) 05:38, March 20, 2019 (UTC)

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NoReal433 NoReal433 2 January 2019

The Bland Truth

Hello,I'm Peter and this is The Bland Truth. I'm doing this because ​​​​​​I sawed a weirdo guy with a mask that looks like a gas mask.It appears every day behind my college.I remember one day that I was at at the library and then this guy just standed there and it was looking me.Then I ran away and there was that.That faceless person,looking at me.It had many tentacles.I was literally having a heart attack and I fainted.I woke up in my bed.There was a message at my door painted with blood:GOODBYE,PETER.That scared the shit out of me.I actually need your help,because the faceless guy and the weirdo with the gas mask are in my garden,staring at me.I will fight them with my dad's baseball.I will launch a message of still alive if I'm alive aft…

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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 6 June 2018

Idea Overflow Vault: HD Remix™

I can't really be bothered with the old I.O.V. so here's a new one, with some old but renovated ideas, and some new...ish!

My main (and currently only) verse. Is linked with the other of my WIP verse(s) in some way. A slightly more optimistic take on the mythos, with heavy fantasy elements, such as magic, fantastical races, ancient lore and grand adventure! 

  • The Slough - Previously known as the the Lamb, the Slough is an eldritch obscenity, bent of driving all of creation to ruin.
  • The Indomitable Spirit of Gracie - A series of stories showing the aftermath of the Slough's rampage, and the effects it has on a recently orphaned girl named Gracie, who is helped by a ragtag gang of Fears to get to her father, fighting off brigands, cultists, vora…

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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 22 November 2017

Jack the Wanderer

It was half-past seven, and Vidalia was on her way to work. Usually, Vidalia wouldn't set off until quarter to eight, but Vidalia decided to get up early so she could drop off some mail at the post office. After doing so, she realised she had some spare time, so she decided to peruse the market for a few minutes. Most of the stalls weren't open yet, however, and the ones that were didn't particularly have anything that caught her eye.

Suddenly a voice, in a strange accent she swore she had heard before, called out to her "You there, miss!" Vidalia turned to see a scruffy-looking salesman with a confident yet off-putting smile, waving at her from inside a merchant's caravan, retrofitted to be pulled by a motorcycle. She pointed at herself an…

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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 1 September 2017

The terribly long, almost anti-explanatory story of the Fears of Necropolis

"Long ago, there were five Fallen Angels, banished from the Heavens and exiled from the Underworld, forced to walk in the mortal realm. They were as follows:

  • Stonefire, The Smoke King, lord of all rage, and leader of the Five Fallen;
  • Hades, the Death-Walker, a deliverer of lost souls, and Stonefire's second;
  • Abbadon, The Sinister, first scholar of magic, and haughtiest;
  • Artemis, The Moonchild, sister to the occultist Abbadon, and a friend to all animals, and;
  • Thaumiel, The All-Knowing, vision of the ever-changing glimpses of future laid out before all creation.

They wandered Mundi and Lucem, putting Fear into the hearts of early mortals, with methods best left to discretion."

"I'm sorry, what? Best left to discretion, what's that supposed to mean…

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CryptidBryn CryptidBryn 25 July 2017

we need a fear of layers

The man stood, sweating, in front of his work. The hole had been dug. He crawled in, but found the room to be just the same. No matter. He could dig another hole. This process repeated, so many times. The room was always the same. The room was always the exact same, and this was to be his life. The walls were impenetrable, not with the shovel he had been given or with his bare fists.

The man began to make some sort of noise, though whether it was furious howling or mad laughter even he was not quite sure. The rest of his life was spent digging, making that very noise. 

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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 25 June 2017

The Fallen Angel

Vidalia was by the docks of Necropolis. She often came down there to clear her mind and relax, as viewing the ocean filled her with a sense of peace. It was also the only part of Necropolis not completely obstructed by high walls, allowing her a full view of the open ocean. It wasn't perfect, of course, as the dark, grey sky was still present, and there was often a thick fog surrounding the area, but she still prefered it to most parts of the city.

She was deep in an almost trance-like state, when she heard the loud, unmistakeable sound of a car acting up. She turned around and saw the Collector get out of a Rolls Royce Phantom, and kick the front grille in exasperation. Vidalia walked up to the Collector, and asked, smirking "Car trouble?"…

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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 9 June 2017

Tristau's Kiss

It had been four weeks since the Collector began training Vidalia as his apprentice, and she was getting used to her surroundings. Necropolis, so it is said, was originally built by seven 'Lich-Kings' and many of the building showed this, looking like giant crypt-towers rather than office buildings. Still, other than this and the constantly cloudy sky, it was a rather fine city, as far as Vidalia was concerned. There was even a pub near her, known as 'The Lion' because the founders were originally English and had no originality, that served cheap food and decent beer, and lied between her place of work and her current accommodation.

One friday afternoon, Vidalia was on the way to that same den of desolutes, when she saw someone struggling t…

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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 17 April 2017

The Element of Transition

The Collector and his new apprentice, Vidalia, were strolling through the streets of Chicago. This wasn't just a random stroll to nowhere in particular, considering this was Chicago in the middle of the night, and they were carrying tools for digging and breaking into coffins. They were searching for a graveyard, and as they sreached, they made idle conversation; mainly, the Collector making sure that Vidalia had recovered from her operation, and Vidalia responding that she was just fine.

After a while, they had reached a graveyard, and the Collector stopped and turned to Vidalia. "Before we go any further, I would like you to know, you are not being forced to do anything. If you wish, you can leave right now, and I will not think any less …

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Jeanmarcbiswikia Jeanmarcbiswikia 8 February 2017

we are number one

[ Hey! We are Number One Hey! We are Number One]

[ Now listen closely Here's a little lesson in trickery] This is going down in history [ If you wanna be a Villain Number One You have to chase a superhero on the run Just follow my moves, and sneak around Be careful not to make a sound] [ (Shh) (No, don't touch that!)]

[ We are Number One Hey! We are Number One We are Number One]

Ha ha ha Now look at this net, that…

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CryptidBryn CryptidBryn 21 January 2017


DARE (Dangerous Anomaly Reconnaissance Executive) is a STAB branch which deals with supernatural homeland security and acts as a scout force for the TMBG.

  • The Algernon Forest: Aspen Forest
  • The Archangel: The Boogieman
    • Bliss: Ghost Train
  • The Brute: Dirty Harry
  • The Choir: Feel Good Inc.
  • The Cold Boy: Glitter Freeze
  • The Constant Wanderer: Re-Hash
  • The Convocation: Sky Pirates
  • The Dying Man: Del
    • Dying Man host: Russel
  • EAT: King Neptune
    • Early-stage Camper: Water Feeders
    • Late-stage Camper: Evangelist
  • The Empty City: Shy-Town
    • Doors: Revolving Doors
  • The Glitch: Broken
  • The Grotesque: Scary Gargoyle
  • The Intrusion: Empire Ants
  • The King in the Mountain: Monkey
  • The Manufactured Newborn: Stylo
    • The Towering Realm: Plastic Beach
  • The Merryman: New Genious
  • The Morsus Rabbit: Last …

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Dr0Shadow Dr0Shadow 20 January 2017

Doc's Drafting Broad

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Sacktroop248 Sacktroop248 14 October 2016


§ An engineer in the universe, but the universe was created by a variety of architects do. Generally, a variety of unique features. Contents [hide]featureRenowned architect §line EngineerBuild castles passageStoryTraitsEditSection Engineer is very small compared to the current available space. In all cases the most, however, it is concerned only with relative ease, and each verse is a wheelchair that can move almost freely architects, enter a network server or an object in free verse architect. This even if they live in a completely separate reality, you can see the blog user-generated videos and passages of architects. As a result of the various story arcs disturb the natural balance and bleeding dimensional hapnidayi if people are not co…

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Sacktroop248 Sacktroop248 11 September 2016

going to be trying to make a verse again

im going to be trying to make a verse again. if you wanna help me out let me know. because last time i tried it went horribly wrong. 

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Sacktroop248 Sacktroop248 21 August 2016

NEW MYTHOS! (not created by me) The Candlewalkers Mythos

so i've haven't had thought of this along time ago. but i thought of sharing this mythos to some people. so basically i've been in this mythos for a while and it's actually pretty good. and it's VERY original. i suggest you check it out also i'd like to mention that it's very underrated. i'd thought it would be good to give it attention. also this mythos is not made by me in fact. it's made by the creator of ForbiddenKnowledge aka CandlewalkerStudios or Alice. the idea of the Candlewalkers Mythos Is very original and interesting. also if you don't know what a Candlewalker is. then here's a link to the page of what a candlewalker is.…

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Sacktroop248 Sacktroop248 15 July 2016


So i found this kid on youtube he stole my videos for his "ARG" but hes actually gamejacking just  ignore the 2 Architect Verse tributes he uploaded just today. the rest of the videos are ether stolen from other ARGs or ether recorded by him or ether both. oh and not just that. he made 2 cringeworthy goanimate videos I MEAN LIKE WHO DOES THAT! who uses goanimate for their ARG. Really?!?! so yeah im going to make a video reviewing him. however this time. it will be a actual review. instead of being a freaking commentary. this time my review video will be a actual review. also im not kidding that he stole videos from other ARGs. I mean one of them is a video from the slenderverse series theyarecomingba…

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ZeusBoltz ZeusBoltz 25 June 2016


   FallenSeven is a youtube channel that tells the story about Michael Hale who goes by Hayden Cowell after the angel possess him.  Michael Hale and Steve Harding take a walk on the Fourth of July to see fireworks.  When they reach the old middle school the camera starts to act up and randomly glitching.  With that Michael points out what he thinks is a shooting star, but in seconds the bright meteor-like figure gets closer.  Michael and Steve try to run but are too late as the bright mystery object strikes the ground.

  A few minutes later and Steve wakes up feeling terrified.  With yelling Michael's(not Hayden's) name and no response, he began to panic that his friend might be dead from the impact.  But with the thick smoke choking his lu…

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Sacktroop248 Sacktroop248 12 April 2016

Making The Fear Mythos a better place/closing TheLostJournal00

sence 'ive visited The Arkn Mythos. It inspired me to make The Fear Mythos a better place. so yeah... thats sorta it. actually sence i said that im going to edit some pages and stuff. also im closing my series TheLostJournal00 because im making a new series known as Searching4TheTruth. and im more interested into making that series. so that means i'll be more active on it. however im not deleting the channel for TheLostJournal00.

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Sacktroop248 Sacktroop248 10 April 2016

Made a Youtube Channel also A gamejack series reviewing series?

yes thats right. I made a Youtube Channel. I've also got a series where i review cringey Gamejack series. im uploading the first video of part 1 of my review on this REALLY Cringey Gamejack Series i'll update This post when the video is uploaded. the video is uploaded. here's the link: CringeFest: Gamejack Series Review and here's the 2nd part CringeFest: Youtube Comment Channel part 2

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DJay32 DJay32 28 March 2016

Topography Genera Center "writer's bible"

In case anyone wishes to write with the Topography Genera Center, it's been requested that I write up a series bible of sorts for it.


So the Topography Genera Center is a Fear-research organization. It has a West branch in America (in Topography Genera this is in Indiana, I believe, but this can be changed), an East branch in England (again, can be changed), a North branch in Iceland (can be changed), and a South branch in Australia (ditto).

The Genera was founded at some point in the second half of the 1900s by people code-named NO and CROWN. Or something. Maybe it was WEIGHTLESS and CROWN. I can't remember, it isn't even really that important, that information may have been propaganda rath…

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DJay32 DJay32 27 February 2016

GUIDELINES: Chronology Categories

I recently went and added, to the article for every blog (I could find), a category for whether it was a 2011 Blog, a 2012 Blog, a 2013 Blog, a 2014 Blog, or a 2015 Blog. (2016 Blog will come as the blogs do.) I want to clarify how these "work:"

  • The year applies only to when the blog began.
  • If an article refers to multiple blogs (say, it includes companion blogs or it links to further blogs in the story), each blog gets a category for the article.
  • If a blog was initially written in one year then was redrafted in another year to have different text, the start date is the only one that counts. (Though this article should also include the category "Redrafted Blogs")
  • If a blog was written in one year and then a rewrite was written on a different blog,…
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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 1 January 2016

Collectorverse lore stuff, or Skylord attempt to cure his writer's block

This is just a page that contains some lore about my own verse, mainly concerning locations, races, technologies, and expansion on the origin of the fears, among other things. Yes, this will result in some of my earlier stories being somewhat retconned, specifically the 'Stories' series. They were crap anyway. And I was fourteen or fifteen when I wrote them.

  • 1 Spheres of Existence
    • 1.1 Lucem
      • 1.1.1 Countries and Provinces of Lucem
        • Ultima Thule
        • Avalon
        • Moonscar Isles
    • 1.2 Nox
    • 1.3 Mundi
  • 2 The Free Races
    • 2.1 Mankind

This is the main sphere of existence the Collectorverse takes place in, apart from Domum Mundi.

Ultima Thule is home to the main population of Man, both Plainsmen and Sandstriders. However, there are plenty of Fey who live here too,…

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Jabba232 Jabba232 20 November 2015

My first blog post

Hello everyone. My name is Connor and I am extremely new to the Fear Mythos. But first I will say a little bit about myslef. I live in New England (specifically MA) and am curently 17 years old. Some of my past times include reading, writing, filmling, photography, and golfing. I ecspecialy enjoy writing and published a book over the summer called The "Adventures of John Proctor", which does involve Cthulhu to some extent. I could post the transcript on my wall if anyone is interested. I also ejoying listening to The Decemberists, Alvvays, Animal Collective, Placebo, and The Beatles.

Anyways, enough of the boring stuff. I first heard of The Fearverse via The Slenderverse. I am somewhat of a slenderverse nut. It has reached an extent to whic…

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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 3 October 2015

A brief explanation of Vidalia

Vidalia  Cohen is the Collector's 100th apprentice, and the second one to last more than an hour. While she likes the curiosities that she helps the Collector, well.. collect, she is often sqeamish of his preserved animal specimens. She chose the name 'Vidalia' after a fruit fly, because at the time, she considered herself as such. Her self-confindence has since grown, and she has become a little bit of a pompous arsehole. Unlike the Collector, who is very much a 'suit-and-tie' sort of character, Vidalia prefers more casual clothing, usually wearing striped shirts and denim jeans, though she also wears work clothing, such as an engineer's coat and steel toed boots, and she is almost never seen without her favourite black knit cap and weldi…

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TheScareCr0we TheScareCr0we 5 September 2015

Fear Costumes Post number1

Just gonna drop these images here:

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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 14 August 2015

The (quite possibly, but it's not final) Final Showdown, and the events leading up to it (WIP)

  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 Chapter 1: The Return
  • 3 Chapter 2: Pirates!
  • 4 Chapter 3: King Quartz and Queen Opal
    • 4.1 Chapter 3.5: The Dre​am
  • 5 Chapter 4: Tavern Blitz
  • 6 Chapter 5 : The Blind Man's Successor
  • 7 Chapter 6: The Escape
  • 8 Chapter 7: The Black Mantra
  • 9 Chapter 8: Reunion
  • 10 Chapter 9: The Meeting of the Three High Kings
  • 11 Chapter 10: The Final Battle, Finally!

In Necropolis, a ritual was being prepared. The Occultist had assembled an association of his acolytes to make sure it was successful. As the rest of the Fear's eldritch council watched, they drew unearthly symbols on the cobbles, sacrificed their own blood to eldritch beings, and lit candles with a blasphemous flame. When all preparations were finished, the Occultist waved them away and began his unholy sacrame…

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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 8 August 2015

First name's her being...

Somewhere, on a blue ocean in some otherland, a galleon sailed towards a bizarre city. The crew consisted of pirates; seafaring folks with adventure in their hearts, treasure on their minds, and blood on their hands. While most of the crew was vulgar, greedy and superstitious as pirates often are, the captain, Delfina Asturias, was a little different. She cared not for treasure, taking only her fair share, and nothing more. She was polite, most of the time, and only her worst enemies and greatest allies heard her most obscene profanities. And while she did have some outlandish beliefs, worshipping Hastur the Unspeakable and always carrying an elder sign on her person, those were only curiosities.

As she sailed her ship through the oceans, s…

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Dr0Shadow Dr0Shadow 30 July 2015

SMSC Extended/Revised List


  • 1 BUEs
    • 1.1 Fear Mythos
    • 1.2 Outer Ideas
  • 2 Person/People of Interest
  • 3 Human Based Anomaly Designations
  • 4 Domain Designations

  • Subject ALPHA FOXTROT (The Algernon Forest)
  • Subject ALPHA NOVEMBER (The Answer)
    • Subject HOTEL FOXTROT (The House of Fortune)
    • Subject KILO MIKE (The King in the Mountain)
    • Subject UNIFORM FOXTROT (The Unbounded Face)
    • Subject WHISKEY WHISKEY (The Woman in the Wind)
  • Subject ALPHA ROMEO (The Archangel)
  • Subject ALPHA ROMEO CHARLIE (The Architect)
  • Family ALPHA MIKE ALPHA (The Amalgam)
    • Subject HOTEL ECHO (The Herald)
    • Subject ECHO NOVEMBER VICTOR (The Envoy)
    • Subject ECHO ECHO (The Emissary to the End)
    • Subject ECHO NOVEMBER DELTA (The End)
  • Subject BRAVO BRAVO (The Burning Bride)
  • Subject BRAVO DELTA (The Black Dog)
  • Subject BRAV…

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Bywydynboen Bywydynboen 24 July 2015

Terrence Anathema to Return


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NoFourthWall NoFourthWall 5 July 2015

NoFourthWall's headcanon corner

I wanted to write all my ideas down and I figured that I'd put them here on the wiki for everyone to see. You guys can feel free to use any of the headcanons I list in this blog post if you want.

The Glitch created The Morsus Rabbit for the sole purpose of messing with The Archangel. He opened a rift to Bliss, merged all the souls that managed to escape, and let it loose on the world. He initially viewed it as a surrogate daughter of sorts, but these feelings slowly transformed into a romantic attraction. The dominant personality of the Rabbit has similar feelings towards him for some unknown reason and has been far more benevolent towards him as a result. At some point they became lovers and married each other in secrecy (the only ones who…

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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 19 June 2015

Scarborough Brigands

Charlie Solomon woke up. Despite the current apocalypse going on, she found getting up easier.

Shame about that.

"Right, you know the drill" She said to herself, "Rest in peace, now up you get." She always did this, even before the apocalypse. Her job was a risky one, and the fact that she was completely blind did not help. Due to the current circumstances, she decided not to go to work today. Instead, she decided to go to the library. She always enjoyed the Library, not because she enjoyed reading books (which was a little hard for her, considering her lack of eyesight), but because she enjoyed being surrounded by them, and the silence. Also, she was always left some form of confectionary, most often lemon sherberts. She liked lemon-flavour…

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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 17 June 2015

Eye for an eye random canon bits

Just some random tidbits about my series I thought I'd share that will probably never be mentioned in the main storyline, but I wanted to get out there.

  • Mister Oculus is able to improve or ruin another person's eyesight. As a result, none of his gavels have glasses. However, it's a fairly lengthy process, so he is unable to use it in battle.
    • Iris Dogood's eyesight was improved by Mister Oculus
  • Mister Oculus can recognize anyone who watches his show, whether he met them in person or not.
  • Zach has always been a cat person, and the episode Responsibility where he is given a cat he names Cherry was the result of him begging Mister Oculus for a whole month for a cat.
    • Zach was not told he would be given the cat in the episode ahead of time.
  • The Doll M…
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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 11 June 2015

Rotting Colossus

In a vast, dry desert of black sand, sat what looked like a great, cracked statue, though it was closer to being a mausoleum. Beneath the broken, sand-blasted stone and rusted metal, sutured and putrid flesh could be seen. This statue was once the Shrieking Colossus, an unliving, moving guardian that attacked at conquering invaders and their mental stability.

It was created by reshaping and restitching dead flesh, encasing it in stone and orichalc armor, covered in occult symbols, and then having a powerful necromancer reanimating it. Controlled by a master pulling at strings connected to it's brain, this hulking mostrosity defended the city of Necropolis from many invading enemies, the terrible men-folk from the west and north, the scaled …

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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 9 June 2015

Eye for an eye 33: The Doll Maker

  • 1 We get a lead
  • 2 Three is a crowd
  • 3 Attack
  • 4 Hats
  • 5 The Doll Maker
  • 6 Return


"Ugh, just a little longer..."

"You have to get up..."

I slowly opened my eyes. I hadn't slept well the previous night, and had hoped to make up for it today, but apparently Mister Oculus had other plans.

"Why?" I asked, sounding rather pathetic.

"I got a lead on the Doll Maker's location, so we need to go get him." he responded.

My eyes flicked open wide. We had been searching for months, while not telling the others of our plans.

"Skip the shower today, Iris. You'll wake the others up, and they'll try to figure out what's going on." He handed me a black jumpsuit to wear, my dress would give me away, and be highly impractical.

I decided to at least do a quick spongebath, firs…

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DJay32 DJay32 8 June 2015

Unlockable Blogs

Viceking's Graab was a short story by Shem the Penman in 19XX. In July 2015, it was entirely rewritten by Christoph Magreat, translated into English, and converted into a blog (without ever having even heard of the original). The title is taken from James Joyce's Finnegans Wake, alluding to HCE's tomb as seen by Shem and Shaun (who appear, during the exchange from which the title is taken, as a tourist and pagan native, respectively-- after having swapped identities, of course).

The original short story had no plot. It was a series of letters containing letters whose letters had no relation to each other, except mathematically where x = 3-- in which case a code could be uncovered: "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick." Rumour has it tha…

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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 22 May 2015


Six travellers wandered a desert. They were wandering for days, weeks, maybe months. The company consisted of the Archangel and his assistant Zanni, The Occultist formerly known as the Slender Man, A young member of the Choir named Sonare, The Manufactured Newborn (who now prefers the name 'Manufactured Poet') and a young man in grey 17th century clothing.

"How much longer must we travel?" The Occultist whined. "My feet hurt." Sonare giggled to herself and said "Sucks to be you, I don't have feet." The man in grey glared at her and said "Well, some of us don't have such blessings, banshee. Be a little more considerate next time." There was an awkward silence for a few minutes. The Poet broke the silence, commenting "I hope this ghastly wind…

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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 24 March 2015

Just a little something I want to scream at the whole world

A lot of people like to be complete jerks when stating they don't like something, and then when someone gets mad at them, they go "Gosh, can't you take constructive criticism?" So I DEFINED constructive criticism and put it into image form, so anytime someone tries to use that excuse, it will be quick and easy to explain why they're full of crap. I'm putting it here since I've seen it happen a couple of times here.

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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 19 March 2015

Waiting for the end of the apocalypse

The Archangel walked among the destruction caused by the Lamb. He knew that was the only way to be safe, and even then there was some risk to it. He knew he was not alone in this wasteland, despite there not being a single living thing in sight. But his assistant, Zanni LaMorte, was far from living.

"Zanni, come here, you animal" he said "You know I don't like when you trail behind me like that."

"Sorry, boss." Zanni replied "I got the responses you asked for though."

"Well then, give it to me-"

"Nah-a-ah!" Zanni said, wagging her finger. "Not until I get my gold sovereign and a compliment!"

"I'll give you the sovereign, but not the compliment."

"Aw, c'mon!"

"I'm not doing it-"


"It wasn't part of the agreement-"

"For me?"

Zanni was making pup…

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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 17 February 2015

PSH - We are ready

Venter is complete and calibrated. We are ready to come through. We've unlocked the gate, just need you to open it. Prepare coffee. Prepare a LOT of coffee. We will be bringing weapons, but only for protection. We will also grant you weapons, if you so wish. Do NOT forget the coffee.

~ Vidalia

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ThePremierArbiter ThePremierArbiter 9 February 2015

Requesting Assistance

I need assistance on my series, The Mayhem Theory. I realized I may have backed myself into a corner on the story, and I am looking for other opinions and possible story directions with any of the fears. With Owen taking a few month break, I can start to focus on fears other than the Architect and the Enlightened, however, I have no idea how to go about it. If anyone would like to hlp me, it would be greatly appreciated. I know there are extremely talented writers and people here, so absolutely anyone is welcome. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 4 February 2015

PSH - A Prince and a Princess

Hey, Vidalia here. I'm all better now, but that's not important. You'll never guess who we found. As the Smili- sorry, 'Mr Sinclaire' (nope... couldn't keep a straight face), the Mother of Snakes, Drone and myself were scouting the area for venter parts, we heard... music. Not screams, or groans, no eldritch chanting, but... music. Smiling Man (I'm sorry, but I can't keep calling him Sinclaire) Said he recognised the song as 'After You're Gone'. He said that the song was a favourite of Princess Amethyst, little sister to the current monarch of the Fears. After we found the source of the music, we saw them, playing that wonderful song. The Princess had a most beautiful voice, and knew how to play a piano. And for his Majesty, Frozen Prince …

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FlickerHD FlickerHD 3 February 2015

Going on leave

Hey guys. Im going to be taking a break.

Iv'e been working hard on wrapping up season two for The North Woods Project. Once it's done, I'm going to be going on leave for a few months. There are multiple reasons, and trust me, I love this mythos. I love the staff, I love the community. This is the best creative group Iv'e seen by far. I'm taking a break because I just need a rest. Im one of the newer members here, as well as one of the youngest, but this mythos has taught me so much in the past 6 months. Iv'e met great people, like Jordan, Rachel, Jester, Michael, Vinyl and the list goes on. 

So before I go, I have a few things to say. I appoligize to the mythos for firing back at Hunter. He made me extremely angry, and I don't take anger tha…

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Skylord Elberich Skylord Elberich 31 January 2015

PSH - Current State of Affairs

Hey there. Name's Isaac Sinclaire, though you most likely know me as the 'Smiling Man'. I'll be perfectly honest with ya, I never cared for that name, but it stuck, so I just roll with it. Now, enough about my moniker, I feel I must inform whoever's listenin' about the most recent happenings. We found another Fear... well, relative of a Fear. She's the twin sister of my old boss, Slender Man. Her name's Artemis. She appears to be mostly sane, though she doesn't talk much and is kinda' nervous, though that can be attributed to her introverted nature, which I believe was caused by bein' constantly overshadowed by her popular brother. I just hope the Doc doesn't diagnose her with anythin'.

Anyway, enough about the poor lady. There are more imp…

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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 29 January 2015

Eye for an eye 32

Sorry for the long wait. A lot was happening, and we found out the blogs were being monitored. While that was going on, not much was happening but a lot of planning between the fears that the rest of us...of course...weren't allowed to attend, in case anything accidentally leaked. Sirius actually seemed pretty annoyed about that.

So Il just start off with the day after I got almost no sleep. Yay.

  • 1 Part One: The Tour of the run down highly infected and unsanitary hospital
  • 2 Part Two: So much for no more Drama, Family reunions, or Angry Fears
  • 3 Part Three: After lunch
    • 3.1 Zach
    • 3.2 AHEM BACK TO ME
  • 4 Final: What's next

When I got to my bed after the eventful night, I passed right out. Had some weird dreams about Yoda, tigers, dragons, and a thin, grey-hair…

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