Bloody Hell is the domain of The Bloody Biker. It is a vast, rocky wasteland surrounded by glowing red rivers of eldritch energy that can injure humans if they come into contact with it. The majority of its terrain consists of cliffs, caves, pits and mountains with very little plant life, and its skies are perpetually crimson, making its appearance reminiscent of numerous human culture's descriptions of hell. It was originally called the Unclaimed Domain by The Archive before the Bloody Biker claimed it as his own and renamed it.



Daemons are a race of malevolent supernatural beings that reside in Bloody Hell, but are capable of traveling to Earth through summoning rituals or possession. They are among the most violent creatures in existence, viewing all other forms of life to be inherently inferior to them. They are currently trapped in their home dimension with no way out and are plotting to invade Earth to convert it into yet another hellish wasteland for them to colonize.


Greenmen are a race of creatures that resemble goblins. They are small, green, humanoid, have a life span of two months, and are occasionally used as temporary servants for the Fears or other powerful beings. They're also very agile, and use knives, short swords or hatchets during combat.


Hybrids are strange monsters that resemble hybrids of animals from Earth, which include but not are limited to:

  • Goatbats: Goats with bat wings where their front legs should be.
  • Porcupine Snakes: Anaconda sized serpents with quills.
  • Leocoyr: Large lion-like creatures, with boar tusks and golden, lobster-like armor on their backs.
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