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CATALYST Paranormal Investigative and Rescue Association is a reclusive organization from the ARG The Crucible, charged with handling paranormal "incidents". It initially consisted of CRUX, ARC, COR, and ODYS, though it is unknown when it was formed. After CRUX was hospitalized in 2008, the group dissolved. It has been confirmed that the group reformed without CRUX.

Dante was contracted ten months previous to the Crucible.

Current Members of CPIRA

  • REC: Operative 1966. The operative with the most tenure in the organization, having joined in 1995. Possibly present and/or responsible for forming CPIRA. Specializes in Chronicles, acting as head of the Documentation division as well as investigating incidents of that nature. His Tumblr can be found here.
  • D: "Death". Operative 1012, Dante Niccals. Specializes in Mystery. Contracted ten months prior to the Crucible. Conisdered a "higher-up", though not on the same level as COR and ROC.
  • ARC: Operative 1711. Specializes in Providence (religious incidents). Considered a "higher-up", though not on the same level as COR and ROC.
  • ODYS: Operative 1111. Specializes in Myth.
  • COR: Operative 1924. Specializes in Truth. A "higher-up" who seems to possess the most authoritative power in CPIRA.
  • ROC: Operative 1942. Specializes in Fantasy (creations of the mind delusions and Tulpas). Seems to be of the same authoritative level as COR.
  • QUSTN: "Question Uncertainty, Suffer Through Nightmares". Operative 1073, Kirsten. Contingent member, specializes in Truth.

Former Members of CPIRA

  • CRUX: "Create Ruses Until X". Operative 10528. Specialized in Crucible (tests, games, and trials).
  • SERCH: Operative 2002, Coal Niccals. Specialized in The Lost. Confirmed dead as of September 30th.
  • COSM: Operative 1691, James Dean. Specialized in Space and extraterrestrial incidents. Contracted two months prior to the Crucible. As of September 29th, has been rejected from CPIRA.
  • RED: "Research Encounter Destroy". Worked with CPIRA up until an incident in 2008, when he was targeted by what he calls 'Branches' of a supernatural phenomenon/location called the TREE. RED publicly resurfaced in 2011 when knowledge he was stalking the player Pseudomuse under the codename of RedRage was brought to light. His original name before disappearing has been confirmed as Russel Elliot Davenport. This gives an explanation as to the origin for RED's name upon joining CPIRA, but he offered an alternate explanation. He says that the three things his name stands for is Research Encounter Destroy. These are apparently his key philosophies for dealing with supernatural creatures. During the Empty City incident, RedRage was shot by D and apparently reverted to his RED personality. Upon leaving the City, he said that RedRage remained, albeit in a dormant state. He was compelled to return to the Empty City.