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Crux Crucible

(aka. Scout Ezekiel Summers)

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Bradley, Illinois


Crucible (Puzzles, Games, ect.)

CRUX Crucible is the creator and host of The Crucible ARG. Very little is known about him or his motives, though he seems to be friendly and caring. He is generally lighthearted, making jokes and even playing along with memes. D highly distrusts him, and has called him a "demon". He dislikes ARC, due to something that happened between the two of them.

CRUX frequently sees The Slender Man, whom he refers to as a "mutual acquaintance" of his and ARC's.


Crux was apparently attacked at some point, as he woke up with a large head wound that he had no explanation for.

He has been having recurring dream for quite a long while, to the point where he doesn't remember when they started which begin and end with sleep paralysis. He has also recently started having nightmares that consist of (amongst other things) formless voids of darkness with unidentified things floating around. As a result he hardly gets any sleep at night.

On September 19, CRUX was abducted by Daft near the Indian Caves at Perry Farm Park. He entered the player chat later that day unable to recall the previous events.

On September 20, it is revealed that CRUX was an employee of CPIRA for three years, going by the moniker Operative_10528. In 2008, the association was dissolved while he was in the hospital. He has met all of the known members of the reformed CPIRA with the exception of Dante, whom he occasionally communicates with in the player chat. He was the closest to COR and apparently good friends with both ARC and ODYS.


  • Name: Scout Ezekiel Summers
  • Age: 30
  • Birthdate: 10/1/1981
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Bradley, Illinois]
  • Specialization: Crucible (Puzzles, Games, ect.)