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Channel Fear is an informational blog written by alliterator. The main character, The Free Radical, gives his take on all The Fears he knows about and their servants. It can be read here.


Besides the Free Radical's informational posts, there is also one of his "operatives" that provides him with information: Finder. Finder is searching for information on the Plague Doctor and she goes to Southern California due to some unusual deaths. She finds that all the victims attended a certain Halloween party, but somehow, she ends in the Crumbling Castle. When the Free Radical goes to out there to try and find her, he finds that when she returned, she had three types of malignant cancers and almost immediately died.

The Free Radical has become somewhat bitter over his inability to save Finder. He has hinted that he has a secret and wants the Black Dog to come after him. Eventually, he begins to lose some bitterness and even provides more information about servants of the Fears.