Logo for City of Sinopia.

City of Sinopia is a blog by RedRockingHood, featuring multiple Fears but primarily exploring the story behind a Fear known as 'The Red Cap'. It can be read here.

It is accompanied by a tumblr (found here) that features the rhymes and pictures found in the blog; the characters also respond to questions.


  • Red: the primary protagonist and blogger; she updates the blog by distributing her blog posts (handwritten on whatever she has on-hand) to the Scarlet-marked.
  • Jack: a mysterious young boy with a fondness for rhyming bedtime stories.
  • 'Razzie': a large dog who follows Red and Jack as they travel.
  • Robin: the first Scarlet-marked to consistently appear in the blog, dubbed the 'Priestess of Red'; she is usually the one to update the blog on the Red Cap's behalf. She has displayed romantic feelings towards Red.
  • Russ: another Vessel; not much is yet known about him, save for the fact that he seems infatuated with Robin.


  • The title refers to the "city of sin" and the color "sinopia," which is a reddish-brown ochre pigment (similar in appearance to dried blood). This is in reference to the fact that the "Red Cap" both uses blood and sex.


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