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An average day for Cute and Grey. Created by Writerer.

CuteWithoutThe (real name: Owen Norris) is the man responsible for creating The Fear Mythos. He originally came up with the idea in response to his personal belief that the Slender Man Mythos had become stagnant. He suggested the idea in a TV Tropes thread on February 28th, 2011, which attracted many prominent members of the community, including alliterator, DJay32, and Lizard Bite. So far he has created five Fears: The Dying Man, The Wooden Girl, The Convocation, The Marchen, and The Algernon Forest.

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Misc. Facts

  • Pretty sweet little fellow when he wants to be.
  • Can be frustrating, but deep down he's got a good heart.
  • His relationship with VI is kind of hard to describe, but the best way to explain it is that he's tsundere.
  • Has been killed by being booted off the rainbow bridge about 46 times.
  • He LOVES music.