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DEVOUR, as made by Staccato

Fear of...

Starvation, Hysteria





First Appearance

Lonely Seas

DEVOUR is a portrayal of the Fear of Addiction, specifically starvation and hysteria. An abomination even amongst the Fears, DEVOUR is a mutation of EAT that consumes the souls of mortal creatures, placing their souls into an everlasting state of false euphoria, which fuels its ever growing hunger as they twist and moan endlessly. They are essentially turned delirious, unable to regain their former sanity due to their souls being melded together and sent to a different dimension where they constitute the singular building. The walls made of their flesh, their faces and mouths moaning in ecstasy and pleasure. All the flesh is connected, with no marks of separation. Their bodies are left in the physical world, but end up either being consumed by wild animals or confined to asylums, but most are willed to spread, even after their legs have become nothing but stumps. It only takes the souls, not the flesh. For the flesh is what helps DEVOUR to spread, defying the will of its Father.

It appears as a gaseous creature resembling a blob of tar that constantly shifts into various shapes and vague reflections of the faces of its victims on the cover of its "skin". Its presence is horrifying, yet comforting at the same time. The weak are easily consumed, due to being willed by it to join with it. The strong willed are able to fight it off mentally, but aren't able to physically fight if off. A good portion are unable to sleep due to its unrelenting nature. The only way to momentarily keep it away is to find someone that is a better target, and even then, this will simply end up attracting the attention of the other Fears. Even then, not even its "siblings" are entirely safe from this ravenous abyss of a creature.