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A wild DarkShadows in her natural habitat.

DarkShadows is a member of both the Slender Man Mythos and Fear Mythos communities, and has written extensively for both. Her work mostly consists of short stories and blogpastas, and generally feature The Slender Man either in a very prominant role or as the story's primary antagonist. She is the creator of We The Afflicted and one of its central characters, The Weeping Willow, among many others such as The Fleshangel, The Handed One, and The Dogskull. She is also the creator of Azrael, The Watchdog, and Jäger, and the co-creator of The Merryman alongside Aidan Rogge and Tony Dallpe.

Stories She Has Written



Short Stories

Important Things To Know About Her

  • She is really cute.
  • Slender Man thinks she is really cute.
  • Everyone in the Fear Mythos Discord server thinks she is really cute.
  • She has a thing. Sometimes she uploads videos to it.
  • She can instantly tell you if You Have Failed Chemistry Forever.
  • She is the Mother of a Thousand Monsters - so yes she basically is Shub-Niggurath, thanks for asking.
  • Her genetic code contains the first known example of an awesomeness gene to ever be sequenced.
  • She should not be fed after midnight, but to be honest we tend to ignore this rule anyway. I mean, come on, lookit her, she's just so darn cute.