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David Dragen is one of the protagonists of the blog Horsemen, and is the son of the third horseman, Rage (Drake Dragen).


David was the only one amongst the Horsemen's children who actually knew his father as a child. His father taught him a lot about Netherworld and the Horsemen. As a child, he was unable to control his temper, and would frequently enter his Rage state. His family moved to the country, where it was more peaceful so he could learn to control his rage. After his father passed away, he was looked after by Omnipotence and Fade.

After meeting with Jonathan Calwar, his house was attacked by Krysix, who murdered his mother. Outraged, he was consumed once more by his anger, but was defeated by John. He then joined John, hoping to speak with the Bone King and bring his mother back.

Weapons and Powers

David's main weapon is a morningstar (a spiked ball at the end of a short pole).

David can generate seismic waves by striking the ground, and has limited geokinesis. Although he's naturally weaker than the other Horsemen, he is able to grow stronger while in the pressence of anger.

When he becomes angry, his rage consumes his mind, and transforms him into a monster resembling his father, only with glowing red eyes. While in this form, he becomes so powerful that John was barely able to defeat him.

Like the other Horsemen, he becomes stronger while riding his horse, Fury.