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Dimensional Bleeding is a common term used to describe a strange phenomena where events from two different universes overlap. It acts as one of the possible explanations behind the inconsistencies found within a particular story as well as between different stories or canons. While most stories usually avoid providing an in depth explanation as to what causes Dimensional Bleeding, it is typically believed to be the direct result of The Fears distorting the fabric of time and space. The term originated in the Slenderblog Observe and Terminate, where it was used as an important plot point, such as Basroil Squad reportedly being killed in action only to return and be confused about their recent death reports. Another example is the 2010 Winter Solstice, where their reports contradicted what Zerosage claimed to have occured.

Within the Fear Mythos

In most stories, Dimensional Bleeding is used to explain how characters that live in two separate universes are able to communicate with one another through the comments section on YouTube videos and blogs. The basic idea behind this concept states that Dimensional Bleeding has caused multiple iterations of the same servers to swap places and take up the same physical space so often that the memory stored on them has been transferred throughout the multiverse. Dimensional Bleeding is also frequently used to explain how characters from different worlds temporarily interact with one another, such as the famous "Birth of The Manufactured Newborn" crossover between the blogs Hidden in the Trees, Still Remains Within, The Hunter, and They Sought It With Thimbles.