Dyson Malrick is a former Scion and a recurring character in the Daniel-Verse. He is over 800 years old and is a skilled Mana user who prolongs his life by using black magic, and is skilled with illusions that only people with enhanced sight can see through. He acted as a guide for Benjamin Malkator for awhile and asked Malkator to eat him in order to claim the fragment of The Vision inside him. However, Malkator managed to use Chaos Magic to claim the Vision fragment without killing Dyson, although it resulted in Dyson losing his powers.

Dyson was originally believed to be the last Scion, but it seems he helped others (such as Saylo Xdranyl) to become Scions in order to carry on the Vision's legacy. It was also revealed that Dyson was heavily involved in The Ace of Chaos' backstory and helped him acquire the power of Mana. Dyson continues to watch events unfold from the sidelines and leads the remaining Vision cults. In phase 2, it's revealed that he has been trying to recreate Chaos magic. Though he hasn't succeeded yet, Daniel Ferris has observed that he's getting close.

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