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Eccentrically Bored was a blog by Lizard Bite that introduced Joseph Steward and The Archangel. It directly led into Hidden in the Trees. It can be read here.


Joseph "Joey" Steward starts the blog due to boredom. He talks about his life, school, and his job at a construction site. He later posts pictures of the construction site, one of which has a vague image of the Operator Symbol on it. Later, he takes another picture, which glitches.

Joey begins to see a man in a gas mask following him and receives a link to a YouTube video telling him to "embrace the archangel." After he goes to a shrink, he is given pills that make him feel euphoria - and he then sees the Slender Man outside his window. After the pills wear off, he doesn't believe it, but is then attacked by a girl who was previously found murdered. Then he finds out that the shrink never gave him any pills and he encounters the Slender Man again, who shows him the Archangel in the world on fire. He begins getting comments from a girl named "C" - she says that she needs to meet him. Finally, he decides to meet C, who turns out to be Crystal, a runner from the Archangel. Joey decides to go on the run with Crystal.

Joey and Crystal go on the run, but are in need of money. Eventually, it's shown that Crystal was selling the pills Joey was given on the street and they are ambushed by a group of drug dealers. They manage to escape with the help of the Slender Man, but Crystal is shot in the leg by the Archangel. She refuses to go to a hospital. One night, Joey sees something scurry out of their hotel room.

When Joey returns to their hotel room one night, he finds the Archangel over Crystal's dead body and the Slender Man stops the Archangel from killing him. Later, the Archangel in the form of Crystal tries to kill Joey again, but Joey escapes. He realizes that the Archangel is the afterlife and the only way to escape is to work for the Slender Man.

On the night before Easter, Joey goes back home and slaughters his family to keep them away from the Archangel. He then begins his new life hidden in the trees.