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Eye for an eye is a blog written by PyroGothNerd about a young girl nicknamed Iris Dogood who is running from Transgression and encounters The Eye in the form of Mister Oculus. The story was originally independent, but quickly became part of The Runner Verse when PyroGothNerd began interacting with Dr0Shadow and Seadrus.

It can be read here. There are copies of the blog posts on tumblr as well, but the eye symbol each post was signed off with are now used as the blog's user icon and most of the images created for the blog had to be posted seperately. There is also a side blog where Iris describes episodes of Mister Oculus, exclusive to the wiki.



  • Eye for an Eye is notable for being the first Wikia User blog within the Fear Mythos.
  • The story was inspired when PyroGothNerd read the Creepypasta "Mister Oculus" and the summary of the "show." PyroGothNerd created her own alternate version of the character Mister Oculus, and began writing her blog with permission from the creator of the original creepypasta.
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