The Fear Mythos Wiki


Faces, Strange and Secret is a blog created by alliterator for others to submit creepypastas based upon The Fears. So far it has been well-used with over one hundred creepypastas already created. It can be read here

Creepypastas range from being based upon a single Fear to multiple. Sometimes a creepypasta based on elements of the mythos will be created too, such as one being the debut appearance of Nobody, another featuring Jester, and another referencing the Topography Genera Center.

Faces, Strange and Secret also formed the basis for a series of short story collections containing creepypasta from the Fear Mythos, with the first installment sharing its name.

Creepy Pastas by Fear are listed as follows:

The Archangel

The Algernon Forest

The Bleeding Tree

The Brute 

The Burning Bride

The Black Dog

The Blind Man

The Choir

The Cold Boy

The Convocation

The Dying Man


The Eye

The Empty City

The Glitch

The Grotesque 

The Intrusion

The Ivory Woman

The King in the Mountain

The Manufactured Newborn

The Mother of Snakes

The Nightlanders


The Plague Doctor

The Quiet

The Rake

The Red Cap

The Slender Man

The Smiling Man

The Unnamed Child

The Vision

The Woman in the Wind

The Wooden Girl

Multiple Fears

Creepy Pastas by Unexplained Phenomenon are listed as follows:

The Deep (a theoretical Fear)

Jack of All

The Man in Gray

The Shrouded One