The Fear Mythos Wiki

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Fallen Fears are former Fears that lost their power and status as a Fear.


A Fear can fall as the result of one or more of the following:

Cause Occurrence
A Fear usually falls when humans no longer fear what they represent the fear of. (ex. If there had ever been a Fear of Dragons, that Fear is most likely fallen since most people no longer fear, or even believe in, dragons.) Common

A Fear can also fall if someone else takes their former responsibilities. For example, The Doll Maker's position was taken over by the Wooden Girl, who overthrew him after he mistakenly gave her too much power.

A Fear may also fall if they simply do not have enough power to continue. Uncommon
A Fear may be forced to fall as a punishment from the other Fears, such as breaking the rules of the The Great Game. Uncommon

Sometimes a Fear loses power and falls when a part of them becomes a separate Fear.


Becoming a Fear Again

If the Fear is not locked up, the Fear may still be eligible to become a Fear once again. They can regain status as a Fear by:

  • Becoming the Fear of something else (that can be similar to what they previously represented, or it could be very different.)
  • Regaining their old job and roles.
  • Stealing some other Fear's job and roles.
  • Regaining enough power (if their job is not already taken).

Fallen Fears that are locked up typically are unable to become Fears again, unless they manage to escape.

Confirmed Fallen Fears

Name Cause of Fall
Transgression Her right eye gained a mind of it's own and became The Eye, quickly gaining power while Transgression lost power.
The Doll Maker Accidently turned The Wooden Girl into a fear while trying to turn her into a powerful servant.

Unconfirmed Fallen Fears

Name Cause of Fall
The Brute Unknown. He was imprisoned for being too powerful in some verses. He may still have his powers and Fear status, however.
The Glitch Unknown. He is known to have broken the rules of The Great Game in some verses for his own enjoyment.