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The title screen

Fear Mythos: The RPG is a role-playing video game created, written, and designed by Lizard Bite. It features eight protagonists from various Fearblogs trapped in The Empty City fighting The Fears and their servants. You can download the 1.27 Beta version here.

A spiritual successor called Panopticon: The Fear Mythos RPG by Lizard Bite was briefly in development before being cancelled. 


The general plot of the game is that the playable protagonists have been trapped in The Empty City and must kill the Fears in order to escape. After completing one playthrough of the game it is revealed that the protagonists are not really in the Empty City, but a nightmare created by The Grotesque that they can never escape.


The protagonists from left to right: Dia, The Faceless Bastard, Hunter, Jordan, Omega, Proxiehunter, Steward, and Tav.

Jack of All also appears as an NPC that allows players the option to rest and instantly heal their wounds.

Hidden Easter Eggs

There are a number of Easter eggs hidden throughout the game:

  • One of Dia's skills is called "Be Wary," named after her blog.
  • At one point, you see someone hiding behind a bush. If you talk to them, they say, "I'm just visiting!"

Hidden Weapons

After beating certain Fears, weapons will appear in different places:

  • The Slender Man will drop a key to access a secret area where Tav's package will be (WARNING: A far more powerful version of the Slender Man will have to be fought before you reach the chest).
  • The Rake drops Hunter's Sniper Rifle, which can also be found behind a pilliar in the Archangel's graveyard after killing the Rake.
  • Dia's Lucky Charm is found near the Manufactured Newborn's dungeon after killing the Grotesque.
  • Proxiehunter's Proxy-Killing Knife is found in a secret area of the Mother of Snake's dungeon. Due to a glitch, a second one can be aquired on a second playthrough.
  • Omega's Unlucky Sword is found in the Nightlanders dungeon after killing the Unnamed Child.
  • Faceless Bastard's Angry Eagle is found in a hidden path next to the Smiling Man's dungeon after killing the Mother of Snakes.
  • Steward's Machete and Shotgun are found in a hidden passage in the Grotesque's corridor after killing the Slender Man.
  • Jordan's guitar controller Tiger Stripes is found in EAT's dungeon after killing the Wooden Girl.


The 1.14 Beta version introduces several sidequests:


  • In the Slender Man's lair (area #2), Jack of All will say 'Quid pro quo,' or 'this for that'.
  • Elixir and Magic Water are the only items in the game that revive MP.