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Gavels are servants of Mister Oculus in The Runner Verse. They appear to be supposedly innocent people chosen by him as potential enforcers of his view on morality. They are fairly new since Mister Oculus used to exclusively do his dirty work by possessing criminals and turning them into Judgment, who would die within a few days. However, at some point he started using innocent people as his servants. He claims that The Lawyer was the one who convinced him that he needed servants, by making him realize he was lonely.


Gavels are chosen carefully, as Mister Oculus often chooses innocent people, often times innocents who are framed, treated unjustly, or have a strong desire to help make sure justice is dispensed. They are selected and taken in, and are given a test in their dreams to see if they are ready. The dream is different for different Gavels, and how a Gavel passes their test often determines what kind of role that Gavel is assigned. Once they become a Gavel, they receive an eye shaped tattoo, scar, or birthmark, usually on their hand, which is actually an extension of Mister Oculus meant to aid and monitor them. They also stop aging while in service.

In addition to the usual method of turning people into Gavels, it is believed that Pupils, from the Tower TV show Mister Oculus, may be children training to become Gavels, but this is uncertain and unconfirmed.

In many cases, they forget their real names and will receive a new alias. This is usually done for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. The individual has been framed or otherwise would be in danger if their real name was frequently used.
  2. Because Gavels do not age, the Gavel may need to change his or her name every couple of decades in order to avoid drawing suspicion.
  3. To protect the Gavel's family from being used as hostages or otherwise threatened.

List of Known Gavels

Name Dream test Role Story introduced
Iris Dogood Being chased by Transgression, who framed her, and passed when she attacked the creature instead of running to safety Bodyguard/Actress Eye for an eye
The Lawyer Had to convince Mister Oculus in a long trial that he should have true servants. Lawyer Eye for an eye
Zach Unknown Actor (possibly a bodyguard as well) Eye for an eye


  • They are named after the wooden hammers used by judges, which are also called gavels.
  • Unlike most servants, Gavels are generally treated with respect, and are allowed to leave service if they so choose, and thus are never forced to work for Mister Oculus.
  • Mister Oculus seemed to get very excited when Iris passed the test to become a Gavel in Eye for an eye. It is possible that he becomes this excited over every Gavel, as Iris mentions that there aren't a lot of Gavels.
    • He later claims he knew she was special, suggesting he very much wanted Iris to become a Gavel.
  • When one of Mister Oculus's eyes are damaged, the Gavels all feel his pain wherever their eye shaped markings are. Mister Oculus feels their pain as well.