Harlequin Metropolis was a short Fearblog by DJay32 retelling the story of Dream Theater's Metropolis but with a Fear twist. It is a black comedy that can be enjoyed seriously. It makes use of The Grotesque and ascended-joke "The Archangle," and it tells the tale of a string of murders that are more related than they seem.

You can find the blog in its entirety here.

Plot Synopsis and Explanation

This is the plot as DJay intended it, and not as it is told in the story.

Nikolai was, growing up, a math nerd. But one day, in tenth grade, he was outright framed for a crime because of his math, sending him to jail for a weekend and ruining his life. As a result, he grows to be a weight-lifting car-loving jerk who has a deep fear and hatred of math. He gets a girlfriend named Vicky, and somewhere along the line, he turns to drugs. As he's lost in his drugs and weights and fears, The Grotesque (dubbed "The Reverie") shows him things in his sleep. Vicky turns to one of Nikolai's friends and pleads for help, whereupon the friend takes advantage of her and sleeps with her. Nikolai learns of this and, in a Reverie-induced trance, murders her, dressed up in a gas mask and clutching a calculus book. This is the first murder of "The Archangle."

Now, most nights, Nikolai dreams of people being murdered by this Archangle, but this is actually The Reverie showing him his own actions through his victims' eyes. But The Reverie and the murders are repressed, and to Nikolai, it just looks like a mystery in his dreams, so he turns to his friend (the same friend who was cheating with Vicky) and asks him to help him analyze his dreams. He is put through hypnotherapy and slowly figures out the truth, with The Reverie obfuscating the murder by changing people's names and putting it in the 1950s. At the conclusion of the blog, Nikolai realizes everything, only to be murdered by the cheating friend for killing Vicky.

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