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Hera De'Athra is one of the protagonists of the blog Horsemen, and is the daughter of the fourth Horseman, Death (Sam De'Athra).


Hera never knew her father. He left after enpregnating her mother, leaving his scythe behind. Her mother remarried to an alchoholic. Silene Stenophylla has kept watch over her, as a guardian devil.

Hera eventually discovered that she could communicate with the dead, and manipulate cold air. She formed a cult, and using her powers, fused a large number of dead souls together to create a servant, Zero, who lacks gender and remains concealed beneath a cloak and mask.

When she met with John Calwar and David Dragen, she agreed to join them, seeing it as an opertunity to get away from her family.

Weapons and Powers

Hera uses the scythe left by her father, while Zero wields an ax.

Hera can generate and control cold air, and has limited cryokinesis. She is also able to see and communicate with the dead. She has practiced necromancy since learning of this power. Like the other Horseman, she grows stronger while riding her horse, Shroud.