The Fear Mythos Wiki

Hexillith is a writer, artist, and critic who joined The Fear Mythos in August of 2014. They occasionally get around to writing blog reviews and posting them here, and they contribute to the Mythos Review. They also draw Fears and the occasional story illustration. Their DeviantArt page is here .

Fear Mythos works


  • Tabletop roleplaying games: currently playing a changeling psion and a human assassin, and acting as primary GM for two campaigns.
  • Learning foreign languages. Currently speaks English, German, and a little Swedish.
  • All things queer, in both senses of the word.
  • Currently an anthropology undergraduate hoping to eventually wind up in paleontology or archaeology.
  • Basically a huge nerd. Also very weird. Possibly not of this earth.
  • You should probably run away or hide or something.

Writing style

Hex views every piece of writing as an experiment and a learning experience, and tends to incorporate sections of experimental prose into all works, even those that follow a more traditional format (such as Landscape). They have little interest in writing deep-immersion blogs, and simply write short stories and novels that are hosted on blog sites.

They tend to prefer writing short stories and blogpastas.