High School Never Ends is a comedy blog by Omega that depicts The Fears as teenagers going to school at Empty City High and the main protagonists of various blogs acting as their teachers. It can be read here.



  • Salmacis: The most emotional of her sisters (EAT, Ichor). She is pretending to be studying the other students to prevent her sisters from getting mad at her for trying to gain friends.
  • Wooden: Salmacis' best friend.
  • Cold Boy: A shy boy that most people ignore.
  • Dying: A boy who is already balding and is covered in acne. He is bullied by The Rake.
  • Intrusion: The Dying Man's friend.
  • The Rake: The school's most notorious bully.
  • The Vision: One of the popular students. The Cold Boy has a crush on her.
  • Judgment: The hall monitor.



  • Mister and Miss Red Cap: Dying Man's mother and father. They always embarrass Dying with inappropriate stories about their sex lives. All of Dying's friends have a crush on his mother, which aggravates him greatly.
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