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I-330, as drawn by littleWhiteRABBIT

I-330 is a time-travelling adventurer and one of the main characters of Mephi, introducing Lisa Wells into the world of Fears and pursuing a cryptic cause that carries them into a midst of secret organisations, ancient domains and supernatural beings.


I-330 is initially described by Lisa Wells as a "pirate girl", with a long black hair, a pair of facial scars and an eye covered by a patch.


In spite, or perhaps because of, her long line of experiences, I-330 generally acts in a markedly bubbly, if somewhat unscrupulous manner around Lisa and rarely shies away from discussing common interests, though often refraining from sufficiently enlightening her in regards to the affairs they deal in. In action, however, I-330 also displays a ruthless streak of pragmatism, yet also rather confident in upfront approaches thanks to the host of skills she possesses. In spite of this, she does tend to display great care for Lisa's well-being and generally attempts to keep her safe.

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