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In Death He Bleeds Into The River is a blog by The Somnambulist. It consists of strange cipher text titles and posts filled with cryptic poems in an AABBA rhyme structure. Read it here

Translations (The plot told entirely in the ciphers)

Post 1: The Dying Man is inside of me!

Post 2: He is The Liar.

Post 3: The River. I can't explain it. Not yet.

Post 4: He restricts my thoughts. I can't remember who I am. I only know I am part of The River.

Post 5: I don't know why he is letting me have this blog. He must know what I'm doing. Maybe it amuses him.

Post 6: I Am Among The Angel's Men. I Know This For He Stands Before Us. I Must Have Been A Timberwolf. Now I Am Just A Vessel Of The Liar. The Mouth Of The River.

Post 7: I Can Finally Explain The River. It Won't Be Easy Though. See The River Is Us. All Of Us. The River Of Humans Living In This World. He Dies And Flows Into The River Again Taking Someone Else And Raising Them From The River.

Post 8: I Don't Know What He Plans. He Hides Among Proxies. His Reasoning Makes No Sense.


This blog crosses over with the creepypasta "Nothing But Lies Here".