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Jody's Fragmentary Emprise (formerly known as Я страх; Russian meaning "I fear") is a blog written by LadyOfFear and is part of The Pendulum Cycle. The blog is about a young girl named Jody McCarty who throughout many streams of reality interacts with herself as she faces The Pendulum. It can be read here .


  • Jody McCarty: A young American girl trying to be a writer of some sorts. Main writer of the blog as well as the subject of the universal streams.
  • The Pendulum: The central antagonist.
  • Lady Fear: A being Jody from stream 4 encounters while in The Path of Black Leaves. Seems to be made of Azoth.
  • Fortuna: A servant of the Pendulum.
  • JoJo Smithee: The author.
  • Queen of Hearts: Jody from stream 1. A goddess with limited powers.
  • The Cow Train: Abstract entity that connects to Pendulum.
  • The Train Conductor: Conductor of the Cow Train
  • Astaroth: An enigmatic being that warns of the split getting worse.


There are so called streams in this blog which appear to center around Jody McCarty. Whether or not she's the cause for this is unknown. It's not seen as different universes or different timelines but rather that reality itself is split, either for the entire world or simply her. Interaction between the streams is possible and there appears to be a cause and effect relation between them.

Known Streams

  • Stream 1: Jody is a goddess with very limited powers.
  • Stream 2: Jody is a screenwriter, writing about the events of stream 4
  • Stream 4: Jody is a normal girl, being chased by the Pendulum
  • Stream ?: ???