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Jonathan "John" Calwar is the son of Horseman of the Apocalypse, War, and the protagonist of Horsemen.


John's father left his mother, Mary, when he was a year old, in order to keep them safe from their assailants. In his absence, Ice O'Leit and Deceit protected John until he turned eighteen and his uncle Conquest began pursuing him.

Weapons & Powers

The first weapon John used was a sword given to him by Deceit.

This sword was later broken during a battle with Krysix. When wielding one of the broken pieces, the sword revealed its true form, the Ten Weapons Of War, which were wielded by his father. The weapons had been sealed in the form of a sword for 17 years. When not being in use, the weapons become a belt with ten white opals embedded in it.

Touching one of the orbs will cause one of the weapons to manifest, while the others become glowing orbs that orbit his forearm. When he touches another, the weapon he's currently wielding will be replaced by a different one. As the orbs are in motion and completely identical, it's impossible for him to know what he'll end up with.

John is one of the few beings in existence capable of Lightning Thought, an ability that slows his perception of time, enabling his to see the world as if it were moving in slow motion. This allows him to analyze every detail of surroundings.  However, his body remains moving at a normal speed, so he cannot do anything until he shuts his Lightning Thought off.

He also has control over lightning and thunder. Commonly he uses it to generate blasts of thunder from his hands, feet, or mouth, command lightning to strike, and absorb lightning into his body to increase his already superior strength.

His Lightning Thought and enhanced strength developed at an early age. He was unable to control his powers until his teenage years, and still has a habit of unintentionally breaking things.

As with all Horseman, his strength and pain tolerance increase while he's riding his horse, Myrie, and is only able to use his full power while riding. Despite having all these powers, they tend to exhaust him. As such, Terrorspawn and other eldritch beings remain a challenge for him.


  • John has always had aspirations of becoming a doctor and has some knowledge of first aid and human anatomy.