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As drawn by Rappu

Jordan Dooling is the sixteen-year-old narrator and main protagonist of OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING. He fears many things, but he gets along with the Fears themselves very well.

He is based on a caricatural psyche of the author, and is played by himself in videos and audio.


Jordan fluctuates frequently between a cheerful acceptance of whatever world is around him and a problematic case of suicidal ideation exacerbated by his suppressed self-loathing. He displaces his feelings into the things around him, begging for affection and love from the women he meets and devoting himself excessively to submitting to them in attempts to win their attention. This gets him into a lot of trouble, but luckily he also regularly escapes trouble thanks to some factors in him he's still figuring out.

His personality is analyzed, deconstructed, and reconstructed throughout the logs, often reflected and juxtaposed by the Fears he meets. Over the course of the apocalypse, Jordan develops severe mental health problems, and his appearances in Tiresias's narrations detail his attempts to live with them and find peace.