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A Verse is a collection of stories all set in the same universe (or multiverse), usually written by the same author or authors. A Verse usually has recurring themes, motifs, and characters and often an overarching story.

List of Verses

Closed Verses

Verses that are written by one author and cannot be contributed to without the permission and guidance of its creator, as they have a set in stone plot or a very strict canon.

Active Verses

Verse Creator Named for
Archive 2026 Bryn The year the setting takes place in and its focal organization
Cloudverse Kiro Cloudwatcher Its first blog, Owls sleeping in the clouds
Daniel-Verse Acelegin Its second blog, Daniel & Friends
Metropolis Jumble LadyOfFear unknown
Nine is God DJay32 & alliterator Named for the number and god of the main protagonist's endeavor
Path of Dread World of Fear Wiki The domain of one of the main protagonist's
Rapture Cycle DJay32 Stories' central eldritch horror
Serpiverse Bryn, Faye The protagonist of the as-yet unpublished first story planned for the setting
Somniverse The Somnambulist

Its creator

Inactive Verses

These are verses that are either complete in their overall story or haven't been updated in a long time

Verse Creator Named for
9th hour of the night alliterator Its central concept
Angelic Verse Seadrus One of its central beings
Continuity Verse The Nameless One Its first blog, Continuity Glue
Dying Man Verse CuteWithoutThe The Dying Man.
Four Roses Verse Staccato A group of four entities
Great Game Verse Lizard Bite The recurring motif of the Great Game
Islandverse Arcane Spork Its central locations
Madverse Foolamancer Its first blog, In The Shuffling Madness
Seeing World Pandora Its first story, "Sight Seeing"
Shattered Psyche Verse ExorcistGamer A recurring theme (currently removed)
Runner Verse Dr0Shadow, PyroGothNerd, & Seadrus A somewhat central organization
Subaqueous Atheneum Pandora Origin of the name as of yet unknown
Topography Genera DJay32 & alliterator The central organization most of the blogs revolve around
World At The Center Of Reality Pandora Its location in the multiverse

Open Source Verses

Verses that anyone can contribute to without any interference from the creator and will not be deemed as fan-fiction for doing so. These verses tend to follow a looser canon in order to prevent any form of inaccessibility for new writers developing a story that contradict past stories. However, there are still rules one must adhere to when they write for these verses and we highly suggest that you follow them as best as you can.


Creator Named for
Architect Verse


The Architect
Broken Veil Verse NoFourthWall Its central event
Convergence AC11 & Sordin Its central event
Godless World NoFourthWall & Rajkot Its first story and the general theme.
Nomadic Verse WonderPsycho & Bryn Nomads.
Ossuary Gabriel Syme Its central objects.
Pantheons Rajkot The multiple collections of entities that inhabit it.
Sandbox Verse Omega Its open, crossover-friendly nature.

Other Verses

Verses that were not created with Fear Mythos intention but are still technically a part of it (ex. a verse set in The Slender Man Mythos that allows for overlap with Fearblogs).