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"Lizard Bite" (real name Seann Barbour) is one of the founding authors of the Fear Mythos. He is also one of the administrators on the Fear Mythos forum.


Lizard has wrote the following blogs:

He also wrote the creepypastas "Newspaper Clipping", "A Brother's Gift", "The Eye", "The Witch of Gatlinburg", "Sleepwalking", and "Laughter is the Best Medicine" for Faces, Strange and Secret.

Other Contributions

Lizard Bite is the creator of four Fears: The Archangel, The Empty City, The Eye, and The Intrusion. He also created the Screaming Tower, Jester, the Misfits, The Witch of Gatlinburg, Poltergeists, and introduced the concepts of The Great Game and Iceberg Theory into the mythos.

He also created, wrote, and designed Fear Mythos: The RPG and Panopticon: The Fear Mythos RPG.

Writing Style

There is a distinct emphasis on eyes present in Lizard Bite's work. Descriptions of the Rake often emphasize its eyes, on two separate occasions he has had the Wooden Girl torture someone by preventing them from blinking, Crystal's eyes are the basis of the final revelation in Eccentrically Bored, and, most obviously, he created a Fear called "The Eye." Lizard's blogs are often noted as rarely having happy endings, as his protagonists are almost always killed or go insane at the end.