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Lumane is the fear of stagnation, specifically when referring to technology. The fear is tied to the Architect Verse Iscondus, and the other half of Solis. It's unknown if The Architect intentionally created Lumane or if it was simply a bi-product. Lumane mainly appears to people in their dreams as a dark silhouette with shining white eyes many say will directly burn ideas into the mind when looked into, he's commonly described as cold, or icy.

At first Lumane was apart of Solis, and would appear to people in dreams and give them ideas, creating great artists and great inventors. Some going mad when they would stop appearing to them, and it is speculated Vincent Van Goh attempted to sacrifice his ear to Solis and Lumane, hoping to contact him after years of them ignoring him. It was until wars were fought over technology that Solis inspired, seeing this Lumane split from Solis and chose a man named Andrew Walter Barret to travel to New Mexico where he found a plant that, when prepared correctly can be made into a liquid and consumed or injected into the user and using power directly from Lumane they can obtain powers, such as teleportation, though Lumane can't control who uses the power.

Over time Andrew recruited more members and the Order of Lumane was born, their goal to slow down progression of technology and take it for themselves.