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Luster of The Dark Jewel is a blog written by Acelegin, taking place in a world called the Luster-Verse. The story revolves around characters called Godsent, who are gifted with powers which they use to combat the Fears. However, the Fears aren't the only adversaries involved. Each Godsent is based off of a member of the Fear Mythos forum, each possessing a unique God Power and a God Weapon. It can be read here

As of 2015, the original blog posts have been removed, and a reboot has begun.


  • Dark Jewel (DJay32): The main protagonist. He Was brought into the Godsent/Fear war after his first meeting with Accel and Fiendscale. He has yet to awaken his weapon and powers, but his training with Accel will help him gain them.
  • Accel (Acelegin): Dark Jewel's mentor. A self proclaimed badass and Diet Dr. Pepper addict. He wields a Magical Gatling Gun, which takes the form of a single bullet while in its sealed state. He has control over gravity, which has several applications.
  • Fiendscale (Lizard Bite): Not much is known about Fiendscale so far, except that he doesn't fully trust Accel. He asks Dark Jewel to keep an eye on him during their training. His God Weapon is a large claymore, which becomes a nice hat in its sealed form. He has the ability to travel through time.
  • Catalyst: An evil Godsent, and the first of their kind. His weapon and powers are currently unknown. A hundred an fifty years ago, he released the Fears from their prison. Eventually, they regained their power, and new Godsent had to be created to fight against them. Accel describes Catalyst as their greatest enemy.
  • Psi (Omega): Not yet introduced to the reboot.
  • Anansi (alliterator): Briefly mentioned by Accel, but has yet to appear in the reboot.
  • Scarlet (RedRockingHood): Not Yet Introduced to the reboot.
  • Soma (The Somnambulist): Not yet introduced to the reboot.