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The title, as seen in the blog

Memories of a Time Beyond was a short blog written by DJay32 about a girl named Polly's struggles to overcome a lifelong mental issue. The blog was rarely updated, and eventually an ending was just thrown on. Reception was relatively warm. The blog can be found here.

Plot synopsis

Throughout Memories of a Time Beyond, Polly shared old memories of her time as a girl in her local choir. She mentioned a series of oddities usually involving people saying strange and offensive things and people whom Polly couldn't properly look at. We find out that Polly had an abusive father, and he died very unexpectedly, both facts contributing to a serious problem with perspective, perception, memory, and self-confidence. The blog ends with Polly vowing to find all the people she used to know and living a proper life instead of worrying over everything.

Whether or not The Choir depicted in this blog is literal or entirely in Polly's imagination is up to the reader.