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Meteorologica is a ten post Seeing World blogpasta written by Pandora. It can be read in its entirety here.

Plot Synopsis

Meteorologica tells the story of local weather man who has been disparagingly nicknamed "Meteor Mike" after his reputation was tarnished as a result of an event called the "meteor incident". He reluctantly explains that he used to have a great job and a beatiful girlfriend until he met a man with a pocket watch on his way to work. A large meteor appeared in the sky during their brief discussion with one another and Mike rushed to the news station to warn citizens of the impending disaster. However, the meteor never landed on Earth and the station was forced to announce that the report was false. This causes Mike's coworkers to lose their respect for him and his girlfriend to break up with him when he trys to convince her that his encounter with the Man with the Pocket Watch happened.

Mike mentions how he had a dream in which a woman with demonic wings watches gleefully as the city get destroyed by the meteor. The dream repeats itself, but this time a tall, faceless man averts the meteor strike by "swallowing" it. Before the dream ends, the faceless man warns Mike to "Beware temptations the visions give". On December 15th, Mike gets violently ill and starts dreaming of future events. Ten days later the woman with demonic wings visits him to thank him for providing a distraction for the faceless man. By the fifteenth day of vomiting on a daily basis, Mike starts considering the option of simply allowing himself to die when his doctor claims that there is nothing wrong with him. The faceless man arrives in Mike's home on December 31st to offer the opportunity to end his suffering by working for him. Mike declines the proposition and dies peacefully.