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This article is about the fictional children's television show. For the Fear, see Mister Oculus (Eye for an Eye). For other uses, see Mister Oculus (disambiguation).

Mister Oculus is a children's television show broadcasted by Tower TV and hosted by The Eye. The show was originally described in the creepyasta "Mr. Oculus."


During the show, the Eye teaches young children about morality (specifically what's "right and wrong"), often in very twisted and disturbing ways. Most parents are unaware of the true nature of the show and would allow their children to watch it as they have the opinion that "it isn't like the meaningless garbage on television nowadays." Parents sometimes become suspicious of the show when they realize their children were learning foul language from the show's host. In some episodes, The Eye would outright harm people who disobeyed its lessons so those watching would not follow in their footsteps. Most of these people were never seen on the show before and were never featured in any other episodes. Said victims were most likely targets of The Eye who were brought unto the show for the sole purpose of punishing them for their crimes. The Eye would also break the fourth wall from time to time, to the extent to where it knew the names of whomever was watching and any misdeeds they committed.

The audience was often filled with children wearing masks shaped like giant eyes. These masks might have been illusions created by the Eye, since they could blink like a real human eye.