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The title, as seen in the credits

Moonlit Whispers was a short blog by DJay32 about a bailiff's documentations of nightly noises around his apartment. The blog's main appeal was its often-scary audio excerpts from protagonist Bill Hogarth's night recordings. Reception was generally warm. The blog has since concluded, and it can be found here.

Plot synopsis

The story begins with protagonist William "Garth" Hogarth explaining that he set up a blog to document noises he's been hearing at night. If he can prove the noises are of rats or a neighbor or something otherwise fixable, his landlord has promised to take care of it, himself.

Garth attempts to merely describe the nightly noises for a few posts, but then he purchases a microphone at a local store and begins uploading anything interesting. These audio recordings depict expected things like his neighbor's television heard through the thin walls, but after a while abnormal noises are captured such as quick foosteps and whispering.

At one point, Garth's neighbor is brutally murdered by an unknown creature, and this is caught on tape and uploaded to the blog. The police spend some time investigating, all while Garth mentions a series of court cases at work regarding a serial killer who has been known to focus on children. The court cases make no progress, but the murder of Garth's neighbor perfectly matches the modus operandi of the cases, prompting further investigation. Garth begins recording nightly again. These recordings capture abnormal noises such as laughter, growling, and further whispering. Garth starts to make typos more and more frequently, hinting at a distinct loss of sanity.

In the final post, Garth uploads his microphone's last recording. It depicts the police (CuteWithoutThe and brother) breaking down his door and announcing that he is under arrest under suspicion of a local string of murders, including that of his neighbor. The police discover what looks like "a human head," and then Garth enters (DJay32), muttering strange things. The police attempt to arrest him, but he begs that he needs to upload this last bit of footage as "proof" that "he" exists. The blog ends as the lead policeman asks what he means, and Garth exclaims "The Rake," followed by a very inhuman and shrill roar.