Music has been made for the Fear Mythos. This page attempts to collect it all.

Bound by the Moon's Fear Leitmotifs

A troper by the name of Bound by the Moon was contacted early on to provide some music for the mythos, and he provided the following:

(Note: They do not have to be used for those specific Fears in particular. If you wish to download any of them, simply right-click and choose "Save As.")

DJay32's and Eric Taylor's Sunsetters

Introduced in Topography Genera, a fictional band called the Sunsetters releases underground metal albums about Fears in various canons. Mostly used as a story device, there have been examples of actual music being released, primarily by DJay32 and Eric Taylor.

  • The original Sunsetters songs were compiled in free loop programs. "Rise of Her Rain" is the most popular, even appearing in the Fear Mythos RPG. It's an instrumental EAT song.
  • DJay wrote and performed "Perfection" on electric piano. It's a hate ballad about The Wooden Girl.
  • In 2016, DJay and Eric released the Sunsetters' debut album for free listening on YouTube in its entirety. The Mythology of Empathy was created in MuseScore and contains songs about various Fears, though it has a running thread of EAT focus.
  • A month later, DJay and Eric then released a later Sunsetters EP for free listening on YouTube. Ancestor was created in MuseScore and Audacity and follows an ambiguous-Fear concept of Chinese mythology, framed by a metanarrative of a dead guitarist.
  • Another month later, DJay and Eric began releasing the Fearblog-tribute suite Return to Dirt for free listening on YouTube and download through Google Drive. The songs of the suite are written in MuseScore, then edited in LMMS and Audacity.

Seadrus Fear Themes

Seadrus has developed three lyric-less themes for The Smiling Man, The Dying Man, and The Glitch.

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