New Fears are coming is a blog written by Dr0Shadow. Seadrus also contributed to the blog before creating a blog for his character. The blog responds to events that occur in Eye for an eye and Distance. It's finished now and can be read here.


New Fears are Coming sponsors characters from Eye for an eye, but has the following added characters:

  • Shadow - A male who works as a "freelance servant", who currently works for the Blind Man. Has experience with the fears.
  • Seaderus - An archangel that has appeared some odd number of times and hacked into Shadows blog before starting his own, Distance. Not to be confused with Seaderus from the Angelic Verse.
  • The Last Gift - A Fear that seems to hate Shadow for no reason. Dragged Shadow into its domain.
  • The Blitz - A portrayal of the Fear of Dying mentioned briefly.
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