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Notes from the Underground is a collaborative blog written by alliterator, Shayde, The Somnambulist, and GraciousVictory. It can be read here.


The plot involves the Raw Youth Hostel, which shelters runners and the day-to-day business of doing so, eventually delving into how it is able to avoid the normal Fear invasions.

At one part, there is a significant crossover with The Thirteenth Apostle.


  • Sal Paradise: the owner of the Raw Youth Hostel. Old, grumpy, but still tries to help those around him.
  • Ivory: a young woman who volunteers her time at the hostel as the resident medical expert.
  • John Wintrip: a former runner who decided to stay at the hostel and become their numbers man.
  • Albert Dantes: another former runner who now works at the hostel fixing the place up.

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