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Oedipus House of Death is a blog about a regular teenage boy who calls himself Kobalos. It can be read here.


The blog starts with the protagonist introducing himself and describing some dreams that he had once. He frequently visits the library and sees a strange old man with a big tome. Curious, Kobalos tries to learn more about the old man who is then revealed to be The Blind Man. After his run in with the Blind Man, Kobalos then remembered that he was in fact hunted by The Rake as a child.

Soon after his chance meeting with the Blind Man, Kobalos tried to contact the person he saw the Blind Man talking to. After a few unsuccessful tries, Kobalos managed to find his target's house, and he gets a name. Nate. The two become somewhat of friends as Kobalos checks in on Nate to make sure that neither The Cold Boy nor The Empty City take Nate.

Life goes on for the protagonist and everything is seemingly normal until another run in with the Blind Man and a friend completely forgetting his existence convinced him other wise. Afterward, more and more of his friends start to forget him.

One day, Nate decides to kidnap Kobalos. They both travel a couple of times, trying to avoid any Doors.

Kobalos then met a young girl who goes by the name Alexis. She was at first convinced that he was a proxy, but she agrees to stay with him and Nate.