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Panopticon: The Fear Mythos RPG is a cancelled role-playing video game by Lizard Bite. It was supposed to act as the spiritual successor to his previous game Fear Mythos: The RPG, and while the goal of defeating The Fears was going to be present in both, there would have been many changes in Panopticon to distinguish the two of them as separate experiences. Two of the most notable additions were a completely original cast of characters and a more serious art style compared to the cutesy drawings used in the original. There were also plans for a higher degree of character customization and a more complex plot before the game was ultimately shelved in 2015.


A new intended addition to Panopticon: The Fear Mythos RPG was the Notebook feature, a number of notes spread across the game for players to collect. These notes were going to be little pieces of flash fiction set in the Fear Mythos universe that didn’t have much to do with the main plot of the game but built some context around the setting.


  • The first beta was made public on February 28th to coincide with the 3rd anniversary of the Fear Mythos.
  • With the exception of The Black Dog and The Red Cap, which were basically the same designs drawn in a different style, all of the Fears were completely redesigned. Other similarities between the boss designs of both games include The Unnamed Child having green eyes and The Dying Man having cancerous growths.
  • Out of all of the new designs created for the Fears, Lizard Bite's favorite was EAT.
  • The design of The Plague Doctor's cloak was based on Hresvelgr from the Shin Megami Tensei series. The Plague Doctor's rod was also originally going to be a caduceus, but Lizard Bite scrapped the idea.
  • Out of all the Fears featured in Fear Mythos: The RPG, The Brute went through the most drastic redesign. At the time the original game was made, the Brute only existed in one blog, so Lizard Bite only had the smoke connection to work with and did not use his more well established appearance. This is the reason why Lizard Bite decided to make him bonus boss in the original game instead of one of the main bosses.


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