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Pavel in the Path of Black Leaves

Pavel Hall is the main protagonist of the web series Pavel Hall: World Zero. He is a cocky, seventeen year old failed film student that became a target of the Fears when they discovered he was a Forger, a person with the ability to uncontrollably open Doors to any location in the world. Under certain conditions he could even open a Door to other universes, which the Fears want to exploit in order to reconnect with their counterparts on other worlds and make themselves whole again. As such, they can't kill him until said conditions are met. 

He is allied with The Blind Man, Omega, Sigma, and Karin; whilst his enemies are The Slender Man, The Inferno, Korban Austin, and BASE. He uses a revolver that was given to him by The Archive.

Early Life

The Kris Vine Tapes

According to the video #28 The Tape Side B of World Zero, Pavel was adopted by Maxim and Rose Hall. A few weeks after they adopted him, Maxim was attacked by The Black Dog and had his arm torn off so The Dog could regrow its leg, which had been shot off by its current target: Kristian Vines. Prior to this incident, both men worked at BASE with each other, where they were hired as private security guards tasked with moving important items.

Discovering his abilities

Eight years before the events of the series, Pavel started developing his abilities as a Forger and became a target of both BASE (who only discovered what he was a year later) and the Fears. He went to the Blind Man and the Archive for protection, but was kidnapped by the Slender Man and had his memories wiped.


  • An alternate version of Pavel has also appeared in the series Trial of Leaves.